New Year Messages, Status and Wishes for Boyfriend

New Year Messages, Status and Wishes for Boyfriend: Are you in search of New Year messages for boyfriend? Boyfriends do the craziest things just to see a smile on their girlfriends’ faces. It’s always nice to do the same for your love every once in a while. Find ways to show your boyfriend how much you love him this coming New Year 2018. You can send him sweet New Year messages in a form of card or SMS or utter sweet nothings in his ears as the clock ticks at midnight. But if you have no clue how to express your New Year wishes for boyfriend, then this collection might help you in doing that and can make your work easier.

Happy New Year Messages for Boyfriend

Make him feel your love this New Year with these Happy New year 2018 wishes and messages. You can Scroll down for samples and inspirations.

  • “The best present for me is to spend a whole new year with you. We will have a new bunch of challenges ahead, but I know we can deal with it just fine as long we stay together. I send you all my love and have a great New Year!”
  • “Just like they year before, I know that our love will grow stronger. Let’s begin the New Year with all the happiness we can get our hands on. Happy New Year 2018 my love!”
  • “I’m looking forward to this year. I know that we will stay united and faithful to each other. Let’s make this our best year yet.”
  • “Look back so that we can receive wisdom from the days past. Look ahead so that we can receive courage from the days that will yet be. Hold my hand and never let go. I know that with, 2017 will be the most awesome year yet.”
  • “Last year, our story began. Now we have 365 pages to fill for this new chapter. Get ready for an amazing year my love. Happy New Year!”


New Year Wishes for Boyfriend, Happy New Year to my Boyfriend

If you want to make your greetings for boyfriend a romantic one, be sure to express your utmost feelings and include it to your greeting

  • “Welcoming the New Year with you I the best thing I could ever hope for. Thank you for always making me feel loved. More happiness to you my love and peace and prosperity to your family.”
  • “I pray that the love and prosperity we had last year will stay with us this New Year. I know I couldn’t have done half of it without you so thanks and all my love goes to you.”
  • “Every day was a dream come true with you. This New Year, I plan to pay you back. Happy wishes to you this New Year my love.”
  • “Your love is like a firework that illuminates me with a bang and a boom. I can never get tired of it, in fact, I’m looking forward for more. Let’s both have a blast this New Year my love.”
  • “Only at your side do get the best views life has to offer. This New Year, my only wish is that you never tire to point me to the beautiful things that happen in just one day. Happy New Year and more blessings.”

Romantic New Year Messages for Boyfriend

  •  “I didn’t even notice that an entire year has already passed. Your company is one that I will always enjoy. I am going to be truly happy when I spend the New Year with you.”
  • “Just the thought of having to spend another 365 days with makes me smile from ear to ear. My happiness is but a reflection of yours. A prosperous new year to you my love!”
  • “Since you’ve been part of my life, the blessings I keep receiving is just a bonus. I hope that the year 2017 will bring us closer to each other.”
  • “Change is always part of us. As 2018 comes to us, I know we will never back down on any and all challenges ahead of us. You are my strength and courage as I am yours. Happy New Year my love.”
  • “As the calendar shows us a different and new year, we shall once again be tried and tested, and just like the year before, we will triumph. Let’s have a fun new year!”

Sweet New Year Card Messages for Boyfriend, New Year Wishes for my Boyfriend

  • “Nothing but joy and happiness is what I wish for you this 2017. You make my life fun and exciting. Happy New Year!”
  • “The best way to end 2017 is kissing you. The best way to start 2018 is a kiss from you. Let’s do our best. Happy New Year my love!”
  • “Bright and sparkling colors and loud cheers is the way I want to celebrate the New Year with you. If I’m with you, I know 2018 will be a blast! Happy New Year!”
  • “Achieve all your goals the best you can, and find the strength to continue those you could not. You know I will always support you. Good luck my dear, and happy New Year!”
  • “The best place I traveled to last year was right beside you. This year I have no plans of moving. Wishing you all the love and happiness this 2018 my dearest!”


Best New Year Messages for Boyfriend, New Year Text Messages for Boyfriend

  • “To the person who makes me feel loved every second, thank you and happy New Year. I already know this year will be the best one yet as long as we’re together”
  • “Exciting and memorable—that’s how describe 2017. For 2018, I’m adding romantic and magical. Happy New Year my love!”
  • “Without your love and support, starting the year right would have been just a plan on the drawing board. This new year, let’s keep making things happen and enjoy the ride all the time.”
  • “Being your girlfriend is the best thing that happened in 2017. I wish that I can keep you making you feel warm and loved.”
  • “Celebrating the New Year with you feels like a party on the top of the world. Have a fun and happy New Year my love!”

And there you have it! We hope that you find the best New Year wishes for your boyfriend from samples above. Just remember, the best message is the one comes from the heart. Just pour your feelings out and let the words above be your inspiration while writing your own New Year greetings. You can also share your own Happy New Year messages in comment section below.

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